Acupuncture in Mayfaire, Wilmington, NC

Acupuncture services can treat a variety of ailments from headaches to allergies, smoking cessation, joint pain, and more.  These services provided by Andrew Kingoff of Kingoff Acupunture, former member of the NC Board of Acupuncture, and instructor of acupuncture.  Pricing available here.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy in Mayfaire, Wilmington NC

Everyone loves a massage!  (Well almost everyone.)  Julie Romero with Hands in the Sands is an excellent massage therapist performing various massage techniques including deep tissue, Swedish, prenatal, and more.  


clean skin care line, hair health, essential oils, pharmaceutical grade supplements in Wilmington NC

We can't be experts on every single health related product on the market so we have chosen to partner with several companies that we have researched and know they are quality products.  From essential oils to pharmaceutical grade supplements, hair restoration, and clean skin care products;  we can help you choose what is right for you.  Anyone can purchase from us but our members receive discounts.  

Where Do you Stand?


  • Body Composition Analysis (SECA mBCA 514)
  • Traditional Labs (Cholesterol panel, HgA1c to test diabetes and kidney function)
  • Personalized Functional Medicine Testing for hormone and gut health
  • Personalized Supplement regimens based on your data

Help Prevent Disease


Exercise - Eat Healthy - Sleep


Let us help you create a personal wellness plan.

We believe every patient needs a medical home where they receive wellness visits and the majority of medical healthcare. At Tidal Wellness, we accomplish this with one on one physician/nurse that respond directly to you. Our members get to communicate directly with their nurse or physician. Are you ready to join?