Products We Stand Behind


Doterra, essential oils, Wilmington, NC

doTERRA Essential Oils is a company that utilizes the expertise of a medical board and actively participates in research with multiple universities.  Every batch is well tested, so you know what you are getting.  You can buy these through our online store or in our office, or with various reps in the area.

Metabolic Code

Supplements, Wilmington, NC pharmaceutical grade supplements

This company has vetted various pharmaceutical grade supplements to ensure high quality products.  Our patients also have the option to complete a survey and blood work to personalize which supplements are right for them.  We also offer consults for non-members.  Products are available through our online store or in our office.


Supplements, children's vitamins, children's probiotics, pharmaceutical grade, Wilmington, NC

Metagenics makes pharmaceutical grade supplements.  We use a lot of their products but especially interesting is their children's line.  These can be found on our online store or in our office.


Prolon, 5-day fasting mimicking diet

Prolon is a 5-day fasting mimicking diet.  It has been clinically proven to reduce cholesterol, glucose levels, and weight.  It is suggested that it improves cellular regeneration.  Be sure to check with your doctor before trying.  These can be purchased at our online store or in our office.  


Clean skin care line with probiotics, GlowBioticsMD, Wilmington, NC

This "clean" skin care line Does Not Contain any xenoestrogens, parbens, phlalates, and other harsh chemicals found in many other skin products.  It promotes healthy skin by using probiotics in their forumlas.  Only available through a physician's office, these products can be bought in our office.


Nutrafol, hair growth, hair supplement, thinning hair, Rogaine, Wilmington, NC

Nutrafol is a natural supplement clinically shown to increase hair growth, new growth, and thickness.  Results may vary but this picture shows results after 7 months use.  Available for Women and Men in our office.  


Anyone is welcome to buy products from Tidal Wellness, however our members enjoy discounts and our personalized guidance on these products.  We are also happy to point you in another direction if you would like to buy any of these products elsewhere.