Monthly Medical Memberships*

Sample Membership Savings

Please note Medications and Labratory Pricing subject to change, you will be informed of prices before agreeing to a service.

Please Note

Inpatient Services are covered by Coastal Family Medicine working in association with our physicians.  Membership does not cover costs that may occur with hospital based care.

Acupuncture and massage therapy services are not included in membership.

Dr. Lamphier provides Osteopathic Manipulation if medically indicated.  Medical Membership includes one adjustment per month for patients that choose her as their primary care physician.  Additional adjustments may incur additional fees depending on the procedure. 

At Tidal Wellness we have cut out the middle man: health insurance.  We  charge our patients directly, resulting in more affordable healthcare.  We charge a membership fee which gives our patients direct access to our personal contact information and includes office visits.  Most in-office procedures have no additional charge such as EKG or laceration repair.  We dispense medications at discounted rates and negotiate labs and imaging at discounted rates.  We believe in transparency and we will always give the cash price of any services prior to providing those services.  

*Our memberships are not health insurance.  This is not a health insurance product.

Health insurance is not necessary to become a patient of Tidal Wellness but it is

recommended that all patients have health insurance for needs not covered by our practice.