Integrative Family Medicine in Wilmington

Family Medicine Wilmington, NC. Direct Primary Care Wilmington, NC. Concierge Medicine Wilmington,NC

Direct Access to Family Doctors

Family doctors, primary care physicians, general practitioners; we go by many names. Tidal Wellness physicians practice full spectrum family medicine including adult, pediatric and prenatal care with direct access to your personal physician.  Additionally, we offer many office procedures, home visits, and access to in office laboratory and pharmacy services.  Your wellness is our goal so we also present our patients with additional services such as nutritional counseling, supplement management, and body composition analysis. 

Family Medicine Wilmington, NC. Integrative Medicine Wilmington, NC. Direct access to your doctor

Affordable Direct Primary Care in Wilmington

Insurance status doesn't matter at Tidal Wellness!  We provide your family care through a concierge or direct pay model. Tidal Wellness charges patients directly avoiding additional costs and markups associated with conventional practice models.  A Tidal Wellness direct primary care membership includes all physician visits, most in office procedures, access to discounted medications and provides you direct access to your doctor outside of normal office hours.

Family Medicine Wilmington, NC. Integrative Medicine Wilmington, NC. Concierge Medicine WilmingtonNC

Family Physicians Who Care

Not only will our doctors treat your existing conditions, we also work to prevent pain and illness from occurring. We strive to help you improve your quality of life, achieve your wellness goals, and heal your body to live your best life possible.  




What Does Tidal Wellness Do?

We are a family medicine practice.  Our goal is to be your medical home, providing comprehensive quality care from physicals, to sicks visits, and management of chronic diseases like diabetes and more to all ages.

What does Integrative Medicine Mean?

Integrative medicine means we use both traditional western medicine like labs, imaging, and medication; but we also incorporate alternative treatments such as massage, acupuncture, osteopathic manipulation, essential oils, supplements, and more.  We use evidence to guide us on what treatments work, and which ones don't.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a model of medicine in which we have cut out the middle man of insurance creating both a direct personal and financial relationship between patient and doctor.  By doing this our patients are often able to save large amounts on medications, lab tests, procedures, and more.  In addition they have their personal doctor's contact information so they can communicate directly when needed instead of going through multiple layers of staff to reach their physician.  It also allows us the time to spend 30-60min for most visits and and form a relationship with our patients.

I have insurance, why would I pay cash?

Very often our cash pricing on labs, medications, procedures and more is less than what you would pay through your health insurance.  Sometimes this can be 85-90% lower pricing for the same quality product.  If you have a higher deductible plan that you often never meet or barely meet, we likely will save you out of pocket expenses.  Still not sure?  We do free meet and greet visits to help you understand the model and if it is right for you?  

What health insurance plans pair best with a DPC model?

We believe all patients can benefit from our high quality, personal care regardless of insurance status.  If you are looking to save the most money then high deductible plans, catastrophic plans, short term insurance, cost sharing plans, and those without insurance will likely benefit the most financially.  

What is a cost sharing plan?

Tidal Wellness is not health insurance, but we do advise our patients to have some form of coverage if something were to occur that for example required surgery, hospitalization, or specialty care that we don't provide.  A cost sharing plan is an alternative to insurance in which a community shares the medical costs of other members.  Two companies that use this model are Liberty Healthshare and SederaHealth.  We mention them specifically because they realize how much our model saves their patients money and offer either reimbursement or lower rates for using a practice like ours.  We receive no financial incentive for referring to those companies.  There are other companies available and they are all very different, so do your research if you are considering a cost sharing plan.  

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