Massage Therapy

Julie Romero, Massage Therapist, Wilmington, NC

Julie Romero, BA, MA LMBT

After retiring from a seventeen year career as a Spanish teacher from Washington, D.C. I relocated to Wilmington to start a new chapter.  This new chapter in my life has led me to an exploration of multiple modalities of massage and bodywork. 

Since I was a child I always seemed to be the one reaching out to touch others, rubbing my mother's feet, my siblings' necks or (years later) the one behind you at the bar rubbing your shoulders.  I am fascinated by the human anatomy and the body's ability to 'heal' itself. I believe that the key is balance. Taking time for relaxation and body work can have a tremendous effect on the health of your mind, body and spirit which will foster that balance. For some, it may be quiet time to enjoy the long, soothing strokes of a Swedish massage and for others it is a more aggressive deep tissue session to increase range of motion and flexibility or release of adhesions and trigger points.

I have witnessed the power of touch and strongly believe in the benefits of combining multiple modalities to create therapeutic treatment plans to help any type of client tap into their own healing powers.  Communication is so vital between a therapist and the client. We will discuss your history, expectations and preferences prior to the session and I encourage feedback during the massage to be sure that you get the pressure, depth and technique that you need to find relief and relaxation.

Offering massage sessions of 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes (I’ve even had a few clients try a 180 minute session), I will use all of the tools in my proverbial toolbox to address your needs. Aromatherapy, heated towels, hot stones, and cupping and/or MediCupping can all be integrated into any length treatment.

I have an amazing husband, a fat grey cat and a 5 year old yellow labrador named Lulou. When I am not working I enjoy yoga, kayaking, reading on the beach, cooking and gardening.

College & Post Graduate Education

1987 - 1991 Towson State University, BA Spanish and Secondary Education

2007 - 2012 Penn State University, MA Teaching and Curriculum

2015 - 2016 The College of Wilmington 720+ hours LMBT